You may know what happened on the battlefield . . .
 but do you know what happened to the civilians in town? 

Travel back in time with a guide in period attire as you walk through the Shrivers’ meticulously restored 1860 home to learn the other side of the story - the civilian side of the Battle of Gettysburg. Connect to the past while you listen to the story of George, Hettie, Sadie (7) and Mollie (5) unfold as you move from room to room to appreciate what life was like before, during, and after the Civil War.

• Built in 1860 as new residence/business: 'Shriver's Saloon & Ten-Pin Alley'

• Every room is frozen in time and furnished to its 1860s appearance
• Authentic sharpshooters’ nest in the attic - where two Confederates died

• Used as a hospital - medical supplies found hidden in house

• Filming site for PBS, History Channel, A&E, Discovery Channel and more

Introduction to the Shriver House Museum

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Looking Ahead

Opening For The 2015 Season

Saturday, February 28th the Shriver House Museum will open for 2015.


"Confederates Take the Shriver House"
July 5th, 2015


Candlelight Christmas Tour
Beginning November 26th


What Others Say

"Shriver House"
This museum gives you the civilian's perspective of the Civil War. My kids, 7 & 10, enjoyed it so much they took the tour twice. Our tour guide...

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